9. KOKA – Purple Wheat Noodles Aglio Olio Flavor

PURPLE noodles! AGLIO OLIO flavor! Yes yes yes!!


Koka is a popular instant noodle brand founded in Singapore in 1986. Today it is available in over 40 countries (including India! Phew) and has a wide range of flavors to please us noodle lovers. Also their noodles are air-dried rather than deep-fried which is the usual Asian manner (source – Wikipedia).

I happened to come across their Purple Wheat Noodles in Aglio Olio flavor at a local store and of course had to try them. Because duh – purple noodles!


So, these are made with whole purple grains and are 100% steam-baked. These noodles are also naturally rich in anthocyanins and lower in fat (source – Koka’s official website).

Cooking instructions as on the packet –

  1. Cook noodles in boiling water for 2-3 minutes.
  2. Empty seasoning powder and oil sachet into a bowl. Mix powder and oil together.
  3. Drain noodles and place into bowl with seasoning mix.
  4. Mix noodles and seasoning evenly. Enjoy.


 They claim to use no artificial colors. What a natural beauty.



So “aglio” is garlic in Italian and “olio” is for oil. But,

  1. Seasoning powder – does not really have a garlicky aroma to it. So I am confused.
  2. Seasoning oil – is canola oil and not the traditional olive oil. And does canola oil have such a bad odor? I am very confused now.

At least the noodles are still pretty. So let’s see.



I don’t know how to break this to you – this dish sucked. The noodles were not that bad actually and taste like any other wheat noodles, but what is up with the seasoning powder and that canola oil?! There was nothing garlicky about the seasoning powder and there was just too much canola oil. One bite and done.

Now they have two more flavors – Soy & Vinegar and Chilli Lime, let’s see when I have the balls to try these two.

Rating: 1/5

Get your purple noods here – Koka Purple Wheat Noodles – Aglio Olio, 60g Pouch

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