10 Maggi – 2 Minute Noodles – Chicken Flavour

I picked up a jumbo pack of this from Singapore and made 4 out of 5 packets the wrong way and obviously hated the taste of it (yes it is possible to cook instant noodles the wrong way). Unlike the chicken flavored Maggi available in India, the Singapore version is actually a noodle curry. And I realized that while reviewing it for Instant Noodle Me!


They really should mention the word “curry” somewhere on the pack!


Cooking instructions as on the packet – empty noodles and soup mix in 400ml of boiling water. Simmer for 2 minutes, with gentle stirring. Serve immediately.

So it was here that I figured that I am supposed to use much more water than what I was using. Also I anyways prefer using lesser water than suggested on these packs, so that went totally against me. This time I stuck to the cooking instructions.




The seasoning contains – leek, onion, garlic spices and celery amongst other things. Take a whiff and you know it is going to have a good chicken flavor!




Good broth with a really comforting sort of chicken flavor, reminded me of my childhood days. The noodles have a good chew and I quite like them.

The dish on the whole is pretty bland and a little too salty for my liking. Hence I decided to quickly add some sautéed mushrooms and a lot green chilies.




 Normally I like to sauté my mushrooms in butter with grounded black pepper, soy sauce and fish sauce. But since the broth was already very salty I skipped the soy and fish sauce and used very little amount of butter to limit the saltiness.




Absolutely loved the final dish. Perfect for a cozy evening when you want to Netflix and chill.

However, it gets a lower rating because its unimpressive as a stand-alone dish and beats the purpose of being “instant noodles”. But obviously there is a lot of scope to turn this into a bomb dish.

Rating: 3/5

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