13. MAMA – Oriental Kitchen – Mi Goreng

Always more than happy to come across Mi Goreng by different brands!


Can you imagine how thrilled I was to come across this by MAMA, considering Indomie Mi Goreng is one of my all-time favorite instant noodles ever!

Thai President Foods is a Bangkok based Thai company established in 1972 that manufactures “MAMA” their internationally marketed instant noodle brand.


Cooking instructions on the packet are not in English but as far as I know they want us to do the following (and I did the same) –

  1. Cook noodles in 400ml boiling water and simmer for 3 minutes.
  2. Mix the contents of the seasoning sachets on a plate while noodles are being cooked.
  3. Drain well.
  4. Mix well with seasonings. Enjoy!



My joy had no bounds! FOUR packets of seasoning! That’s a personal best till date. Woohoo! Unfortunately, MAMA has not labelled their seasoning packets. But fortunately I have eaten enough packets of Mi Goreng to be able to decipher their contents for you 😀


Starting bottom up –

  1. This should be Bumbu – a dry seasoning typically used for preparing Mi Goreng.
  2. Then we have the sweet soy sauce and the seasoning oil mixed together. Interesting!
  3. Next, some dehydrated vegetables.
  4. And lastly we have some chili powder.

Okay MAMA! Totally yay for four tiny packets of seasoning BUT where are my fried onions?? Mi Goreng is incomplete without FRIED ONIONS!



The noodles are springy and have a good chew to them. The seasonings blend well together to create “Mi Goreng” but it seriously lacks the crunch of fried onions. And I should have probably boiled the dried veggies with the noodles.




I ate/shot this with my sister because I wanted to share the joy of Mi Goreng with her. So we went all out and ordered in some chicken dumplings from my favorite Tibetan place in Mumbai. And of course washed it all down with a lot of chilled cola and gossip!

This migo is almost identical to the ones made by Indomie but gets half a point lesser because no fried onions in there.

Rating: 4.5/5

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