14. Lucky Me! Pancit Canton Sweet & Spicy

This pack was also sent by my friends from Dubai, thank you Suri and Punica! Keep them coming! IMG_5107_CB

“Pancit Canton” means stir-fried noodles.

Lucky Me! is the undisputed no. 1 instant noodle brand in the Philippines with a wide array of innovative and flavorful noodle varieties (according to their website). Launched in 1989, Lucky Me! has since grown into a household brand enjoyed by almost every Filipino family.


Again this packet is already losing points for being just 60g against the standard 70-80g packs.

Cooking instructions as on the pack – cook noodles in briskly boiling water for 3 minutes. Mix Special seasoning, soy sauce and oil on a plate to form a paste. Drain noodles and place on the plate with the prepared sauce. Mix well. Enjoy!



Tiny block of noodles!


Each sachet comes with its own note. How cute!

  1. The sauce pouch reads – Due to temperature changes, sauce may have crystal-like salt particles which will melt in freshly cooked noodles.
  2. And the special seasoning sachet says – Seasoning may harden but dissolves when mixed with soy sauce and oil. Quality and taste remains the same.


  1. The sweet soy sauce.
  2. Seasoning oil which is coconut oil with cane sugar.
  3. Special seasoning powder which contains traces of garlic, dehydrated red pepper and chives etc. This has such a yummy aroma!




If, like me, you were wondering how can any noodles be sweet and spicy, then you have to eat these to get your answer. It has just the right level of spiciness and sweetness. Mind is blown! No seriously!



Well learning from my last experience with Lucky Me! and their small noodle packets, for backup I had marinated some chicken wings and quickly air fried them while the noodles were being prepared.

And I am not surprised, this is a great combination! The noodles are not enough to fill you up by themselves and these chicken wings make a great addition (pssst my boyfriend is seriously impressed by me now!).

Forced to deduct ½ a point because of the quantity. But these are perfect otherwise!

Rating: 4.5/5

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3 thoughts on “14. Lucky Me! Pancit Canton Sweet & Spicy

  1. Lucky me + chicken wings combo is absolutely bomb!
    Thanks for the excellent idea @ instanoodle. I’d rate this one 5/5.
    Ps: can we have more combo suggestions on the blog please ?


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