17. WAI WAI X-press Instant Noodles – Masala Delight

Since I started blogging a lot of people have requested for a WAI WAI review so I finally picked up a packet. Let us see what the craze is all about!


 Heavy duty name! Also I think this is not the packet people were referring to, but that means more WAI WAI reviews coming up soon.

This pack comes with a green dot indicating it is purely vegetarian and is also reasonably priced at just Rs 10/-!


Cooking directions as on the packet –

Recommended to mix seasoning powder with noodles as mentioned in cooking directions (printed in caps!).

Steps to great Taste!

  1. Add Noodles & Seasoning powder to 250ml of boiling water.
  2. Cook for 2 minutes and serve hot.

Microways! (haha funny. I approve!)

  1. Cook in for 250ml of water for 2 ½ minutes in HIGH mode.

I stuck to the conventional way and prepared them on a stove. However, I did use slightly lesser water than suggested (approximately 200ml).


 Slightly damaged noodle block.


I like the golden color!


Good quantity of seasoning there. Looks and smells like standard “masala” to me but nothing too strong which is smart considering the quantity of seasoning present. I feel too much of seasoning kills the dish.


Now I wonder why I never ate WAI WAI before?! Really good springy noodles which have a nice chew to them. I like the masala flavor as well, not too much and not too less.

One bite and I knew I wanted a fried egg with it, so I #putaneggonit !


Crack an egg (or two) in a skillet with some butter in it. While it cooks, top off the egg with – paprika powder, garlic powder, salt & pepper and lastly some parsley. Remember to keep the yolk runny!


This combination worked brilliantly for me! If you have more suggestions, please do comment below. 🙂

Rating: 4/5

Hurry and get these noods right now! Order from here – Wai Wai Chinese Noodles – Express Instant Masala Delight, 70g Pouch

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