18. Ching’s Secret – Manchow Instant Noodles

Manchow soup is a popular Indian-Chinese soup which is believed to have originated in Meghalaya, India. It is a dark brown colored soup prepared with various vegetables, scallions and chicken (for the non-vegetarian version) and thickened with corn flour and flavored with generous doses of soy sauce, garlic and chili peppers. [Source – Wikipedia]

Personally, I love manchow soup. It is my go-to soup while suffering a flu. Let us see how this will be in the form of noodles though!


Honestly, there is very little difference between “manchurian” and “manchow” taste wise. Even their preparation is somewhat similar. The only difference being that “manchurian” is normally eaten as a side dish whereas “manchow” is consumed in the form of a soup as a starter.

According to Ching’s website, this flavor has an intense ginger-garlic and nutty soy flavor.


Cooking instructions as on the packaging

  1. Boil 250ml (1 ½ cup) of water.
  2. Add noodles and seasoning mix to the boiling water and cook for 2-3 min., stirring occasionally. Serve hot.


Tiny noodle block.



The seasoning has this typical Indian-Chinese aroma to it with traces of garlic and soy sauce. Very similar to Ching’s Manchurian flavor.




As expected, these noods taste similar to Ching’s Manchurian Instant Noodles. The noodles by themselves are unimpressive in my opinion.




While these were cooking I sautéed some mushrooms and onions in butter, salt, black pepper, soy sauce and chili oil. Sort of a quick and easy Indian-Chinese way of cooking.

I am glad I added these mushrooms and onions because the noodles alone would have become boring after a few bites. The onions added a much needed crunch and the chili oil gave some kick to it. Feel free to add any meat of your choice. But plan that in advance because cooking meat might take more time.




One tip: cook the shrooms in butter and then add the onions, spices and sauces. This way onions will remain crunchy.

Rating: 3/5

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