19. MAMA – Instant Noodles – Chicken Green Curry Flavour

I love a good green curry and obviously I freaking adore noodles. And today I have a packet with both of them together in it! Yay technology!

Thank you MAMA and Thailand, I am coming back soon to you!!


This packet has come all the way from Bangkok and apart from the name (at the back of the pack) everything else printed on this is in Thai.


Cooking instructions on the packet are in Thai again, but as far as I know they want us to do the following (and I did the same) –

  1. Place the noodles and condiments in a bowl. Add boiling water 1 ¼ cups (300ml).
  2. Cover the bowl for 3 minutes.
  3. Mix well, ready to serve.


These noods seem to be slightly thinner than your standard instant noodles.


The bigger one is the dry seasoning sachet and the smaller one has a paste in it.


 Love the aroma of these seasonings. Authentic green curry stuff!


LOVED the taste! The broth is sooo good although it could have been slightly thicker. But it does taste like an authentic green curry. Wow! And even though the noodles are thinner than your standard instant noodles, they have a good crumble and compliment the curry well.


Added some freshly chopped red chili because I like my Thai food spicy and also i was trying to replicate the image on the pack. Sadly, I was out of chicken at home.

Even this was not spicy enough for me.



That’s when I decided to add some chili oil. Best idea ever!


Okay some tips/secrets for you –

  • Cover the noodles for an extra minute instead of only 3 minutes. This will allow the noodles to soak in the curry flavor well.
  • Before adding the boiled water to the bowl, throw in some cooked chicken/mushroom pieces in there. I wish I had done that! L
  • Add lesser water, approximately 250ml.


I reheated the broth and had it like a soup. It was sooo yummy. My soul is happier now!

Rating: 4.5/5

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