25. MAMA Instant Noodles Tom Saab Flavour


I have had “Tom Yum” but never even heard of “Tom Saab” flavor.

A little bit of googling reveals that “Tom Saab” is actually a popular sour and spicy hot soup from Northern Thailand and surrounding countries. This soup is traditionally filled with strong flavors of lime and chili and it usually contains pork. So interesting!


 The seasoning by MAMA has a garlic and chili base blended with a hearty pork rib flavor. This makes it fuller, richer and meatier than the seafood based Tom Yum flavor.

Cooking directions on the pack are in Thai, but here is what you have to do-

  1. Put the noodles and condiments in a bowl. Pour in 1 ¼ cups (300ml) of boiling water.
  2. Cover the bowl for 3 minutes.
  3. Now delicious and appetizing noodles is ready for serving.


Hate damaged noodle blocks. But I’m in the process of fully accepting the fact that most noodles that travel a great deal to reach me will be damaged to some extent.

Anyways, moving on, we have the seasoning powder and little bit of chili paste. There is a good amount of seasoning powder and if you take a whiff of it you can trace hints of lime and a mixture of spices in there.

The chili paste is just chilies churned into a paste. Seriously, no fooling around. I took a taste of it and OMG. I am so excited!


 Wow! Absolutely love this “Tom Saab” flavor! It is sour, super spicy, flavorful (definitely has a pork flavor) and so rich! The noodles are the standard MAMA affair – good crumble and they hydrate really well. Really good stuff!


If you read my last post (MAMA Instant Noodles Pork Flavor) you would know I saved some bacon fat. So here I reused that bacon fat to fry some pork sausages. YOU are welcome.

When you fry sausages in bacon fat, they quickly become crispy on the outside while their insides remain soft and juicy. Exactly how I like them!

Pro tip: after frying the sausages and before adding them to the noodle bowl, make a few pokes with a fork or a knife. Because osmosis. You are really welcome now.


This was as good as it looks! The sausages became super juicy and spicy after soaking the broth. Every bite was flavorful and SPICY.

Keep something sweet handy. The heat is intense.

Pro tip (again): don’t add the entire chilli paste in one go and rather adjust the spiciness according to your taste.

 Rating: 3.75/5

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