26. WAI WAI Instant Noodles Chicken Flavoured

Always game for simple chicken flavored instant noodles! And as promised, more WAI WAI reviews on the blog.


Note by the manufacturer: Unlike ordinary noodles, WAI WAI is pre-cooked, flavored & fried. And comes with three seasonings: Taste Enhancer, Onion Flavored Oil & Chilli Powder. It’s rich in minerals, carbohydrates & proteins. Which is why it’s more than just a snack, it’s a great nutritious meal too.

They also recommend to mix the Seasoning Powder, Chilli Powder & Onion Flavoured Oil with noodles before consumption.


 1-2-3 Ways to enjoy WAI WAI (as printed at the back of the packet) –

  1. MUNCH IT!

Open pack and add seasonings. Mix well and eat straight from the pack!

  1. SOUP IT!

Put noodles and seasonings in bowl. Pour 250ml of boiling water. Cover for 2 minutes. Enjoy noodles soup!

  1. LUNCH IT!

Cook noodles in 250ml of boiling water. Add seasonings and your own garnishing. Have it hot!

I wasn’t sure about “munching it” so cooked them the conventional way on a stove. Also, do we have to add the onion flavored seasoning oil when eating it straight from the packet?


 I really like the color of this seasoned and fried noodle block! The seasoning powder doesn’t have a strong scent of chicken stock to it, however the seasoning oil has a strong oniony aroma.


 Since the cooking time wasn’t mentioned, I kept them on the stove for about 3 minutes and by then the noodles had soaked up the water completely but were still a little stiff. They seemed under cooked to me or that’s just the noodle structure maybe.

Coming to the taste, I was expecting more. Glad about the chilli powder else these would have been very bland.


Because the noodles lacked in the chicken flavor, I added some pieces of pan fried chicken. But I still wasn’t too happy with this combination actually. Should have added a fried egg to it.

Pro tip: add a spicy fried egg with a runny yolk. You can read about this egg here.

I think I will be doing some re-reviews of this soon. Stay tuned!

Rating: 3/5

Get these noods here – Wai Wai Instant Noodles – Chicken Flavour, 70g Pack

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