31. WAI WAI Tom Klong Flavour Instant Noodles

It took me the longest time to figure out that this a WAI WAI product! Interesting packaging for sure. If someone knows the story behind this packaging, please enlighten me!


So what is “Tom Klong” exactly? It is a traditional Thai sour and spicy soup prepared using dried fish and other herbs.


Cooking directions:

  1. Place noodles and seasoning into a bowl. Add 320ml boiling water.
  2. Cover for 2 minutes.
  3. Stir, noodles are ready to serve.


The noodle block comes along with 2 sachets for seasoning. The seasoning powder has the expected sour and spicy aroma whereas the seasoning oil has a strong oniony aroma to it.

The noodles seem to be flavored as well.


Okay this stinks of fish so bad that I am almost repulsed by it. Managed exactly one bite because that is the most I could manage without gagging (my mother, who was sitting across me, couldn’t believe I even managed to swallow a big bite of it!).


The noodles are thinner than normal instant noodles and they are spicy. The broth apart from having a strong fishy smell is also extremely spicy and sour. The sourness hits you first and then the spiciness kicks in.

WAI WAI really needs to do a better job at deodorizing this fishy smell. This is definitely not my “bowl of noodles”.

Rating: 0.1/5

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