33. MAMA Instant Noodles Shrimp Creamy Tom Yum Flavour

Maybe if I keep eating Tom Yum flavored instant noodles I will actually start liking the flavor of Tom Yum! And for some weird reason I really really do want to like Tom Yum.

Let’s try the “shrimp creamy” variant of Tom Yum by MAMA!


Traditional Tom yum is made with fish sauce, lemon grass, tamarind, lime juice, galangal, chillies and lime leaves, offering a spicy and sour taste that is uniquely Thai.


A bit of googling reveals that the “shrimp creamy” bit is not due to addition of any dairy product but it actually refers to the creamy looking froth which forms while boiling shrimp heads! Waaahhh?!?

Cooking directions on the pack are in Thai, but this is what you have to do-

1. Put the noodles and condiments in a bowl. Pour in 400ml of boiling water.
2. Cover the bowl for 3 minutes.
3. Now delicious and appetizing noodles is ready for serving.


Again, a broken block of noods, but again this pack has traveled a lot to reach here. The noodles are flavored and pretty yummy even raw.


Good amount of seasoning powder with a sweet and sour aroma, very typical of a Tom Yum flavored sachet. The green flakes look lime Kaffir Lime leaves to me.

Love the color of the shrimp paste! Also has a faint aroma of lemon grass.


First thought that came to my mind after a bite was – this is definitely better than the original Tom Yum flavor! Super yay about that.But on the other hand is not at all spicy and way too lemony! While I love the creamy broth texture, the extra sourness and lack of spicyness is a mood spoiler.

The noodles are standard MAMA stuff – good texture and chew and as always they have hydrated well.


Obviously, I had to add some sautéed prawns to these Shrimp Creamy noods! I purposely cooked these prawns for slightly longer than required because I wanted that smoky taste. Worked well these noodles.


Final verdict – this is definitely a better take on the original Tom Yum for me. Hence half a point more for these.

Rating: 2.5/5

Get your packet right here – Mama Instant Noodles – Shrimp Creamy Tom Yum, 55g Cup

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