38. Maggi Chicken Noodles


It’s been ages since I had this Chicken Maggi! As a child, these used to be my second favorite instant noodles after the Maggi original masala noodles.


Back then I wasn’t so experimental with my noodles so anything that was already a variation of the original Maggi worked for me!


The noodle block seems to be similar to the original one, which is great. The seasoning surprisingly has an orange color! I remember the seasoning being a lighter shade of yellow and much blander looking.

This seasoning even has dried chilli flakes and bits of chicken in it! And smells oniony and garlicky. Interesting.


Very different from how I remembered these noodles. They are spicier, have more chicken stock like taste to them, the noodles are better and the entire dish doesn’t become a blob of food on your plate! Impressive.

The chicken bits do not rehydrate very well unfortunately. But overall a very comforting and filling dish when you are not in the mood to cook and still crave something more complicated than plain regular Maggi.

For Rs 15/- it is a steal!

Rating: 3.5/5

Get your packet here – Maggi XExtra Delecious Noodles – Chicken, 284g Pack

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