39. Mug Shot – Sweet & Sour Noodles

I love mugs and I love shots (okay, not really)! And my curiosity got better of me with this one from UK. Let’s see if how these taste now.


A pretty enticing packet with which says – “oodles of noodles in a spicy sweet & sour sauce with peppers, carrot and chilli”. What’s not to like? And to top that, there is less than 1% fat and no artificial coloring and preservatives!


Make-up Instructions:

  1. Empty sachet into a standard size mug.
  2. Fill to 15mm from brim with boiling water. Stir thoroughly.
  3. Allow to stand for five minutes. Top up if a thinner sauce is required. Stir thoroughly again.


The seasoning powder is mixed with the noodles bits. I am not a fan of broken noodles, I prefer calling them pasta, but let’s see how these turn out to be.


The seasoning has a typical sweet and sour tomato soup like aroma and you can see bits of dehydrated veggies like pepper and carrots.


The “sauce” was too thick for my liking and the noodles had not swelled well and tasted raw. Had to add some more hot water to get a thinner sauce and cook the noods. Even after doing all this, the noodles were sticky and the “sauce” tasted like thick tomato soup to me.


They do have a good amount of veggies and they re-hydrated well. Had to add a lot of salt and pepper to make this taste better.

Not sure how soon I will be able to convince myself to try their other flavor that I have with me.


Pro tip: you might want to cook this in a pan instead of a mug for a better result.

Rating: 2/5

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