47. Nissin Cup Noodles Cheese Curry

Japanese Cup Noodles + Cheese + Curry!! Excitement levels were high even before opening the damn lid of this cup!


Only if you could feel this cup. I haven’t seen better packaging for cup noodles. But that’s sort of expected knowing this a product of Japan! So, it is an insulated cup which will also be convenient to hold and eat while its super hot. #genius


Japanese curry also commonly known as “Katsu Curry” or “Katsudon” is a popular Japanese food and is generally served with a bowl of rice topped with a deep fried pork cutlet, veggies and other condiments.

Personally, I love Katsu Curry. So let’s see what this cup has to offer!


Cooking Instructions – add 300ml of boiling water, cover the lid and wait for 3 minutes. Stir and cover for another minute.

Do not forget to put something heavy on top of the lid. This will prevent any steam from escaping the cup.


 OMG. As soon as you open the lib, authentic Katsu Curry aroma hits your face and then you lay your eyes on these beautiful tiny cheese and dehydrated pork chunks !! #ilovemyjob


 I know I have said this before, but Japanese are really the cutest! Look at this block of thin and flat noodles as proof.


 I am not too sure how well cheese will taste with Katsu Curry but it sure looks interesting.


 *transported to Katsu Curry heaven*

This is the closest I have gotten to eating “authentic” Japanese Katsu Curry and I love it! The noodles complement the curry really well. Much better than I expected them to taste and also really nice thin and flat noods.

The curry is not so cheesy and that is where this one loses half a mark.

The pork chunks hydrated really well and are flavorful too. Also there are some mushroom pieces in there which are probably the tastiest dehydrated mushrooms I have ever had till now.


Since I wasn’t expecting any pork chunks in there, I made some teriyaki chicken to go along with these noodles. Yummers.

Pro tip : take me to Japan with you!!

Rating: 4.5/5

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