51. Indomie Mi Goreng Fried Noodles – Barbeque Chicken Flavor

I can never tire of eating and trying new flavors by Indomie. Every flavor might not be my favoritest but these noodles rarely disappoint.


Today I am eating the bbq chicken flavor. Now I really do not know what to expect with flavor. Zilch. My mind is truly blank but open 😛


 Cooking Instructions –

  1. Boil noodles in briskly boiling water (400ml) and simmer for 3 minutes.
  2. Mix the seasoning sachets (according to taste) on a plate while noodles are being cooked.
  3. Remove noodles from water and drain well.
  4. Add noodles to the seasonings, and mix well. Your delicious noodles are ready to serve.


The noodle block is the standard Indomie noodle block and one cannot complain about this!

YAY!! We again have 5 sachets! And we have the fried onions too!

  1. Bumbu is the dry seasoning powder at the bottom and its a collection or combination of different spices from Indonesia.
  2. Next to it is Bawang goreng – the fried onions. Always add this last as a garnish!
  3. The chilli sauce has a strong spicy aroma.
  4. Seasoning oil is infused with garlic and onions. Uff.
  5. And lastly we have Kecap Manis a.k.a. the thick and sweet Indonesian soy sauce.


Well this is A LOT like the original Mi Goreng by Indomie and obviously I love that fact. But this is also a lot more peppery in taste! And I like it just as much as I love my original migo.

The noodles have a chew to them, but just the right amount and kind. It is such a pleasant experience eating these noods.


I decided to #putaneggonit and add a few fried chicken cocktail sausages. To say the least and get my point across I would like to state that – I could eat this exact bowl on a daily basis.

The egg yolks blend really well with these oily noodles and add a creamy texture to them. And the fried sausages add to the overall barbeque-y taste happing in this bowl!

Pro tip: firstly don’t just make one packet of this and secondly keep the egg yolks runny!

Rating: 5/5

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