62. MAMA Oriental Style Instant Noodles Pork Flavour (Imported)

Picked these up from my local grocery store here in Gurgaon for Rs 35/- !


I have had the minced pork flavor instant noodles by MAMA but the ones you get in Thailand. I liked them a lot and hence I got these. Lets see how these noods taste.


Cooking directions – Add noodles and seasoning to 350ml of boiling water. Cover and stand for 3 minutes. Stir occasionally before serving.


Some thin wheat noodles with soy sauce flavoring which are tasty even when eaten raw.

Seasoning has a heady porky aroma along with bits of dried leek. And the seasoning oil has a pungent fried shallot aroma to it.


How do they mess up the simple flavors?! There is rather unpleasant oily coating along with a weak, salty pork broth. The texture of the noods is standard MAMA stuff; plentiful with a nice gauge to them.


Ideally I would have liked to add some bacon chunks or strips but the entire dish was already too salty. Ended up adding come freshly chopped cilantro. Not too impressive.

Rating: 1.5/5

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